Starting my list for the cabin.

So I started making my list of items I would like to get completed in June (during some vacation time I am taking) cropped-cabin-front.jpgout at the cabin.  The list has grown considerably but as I am getting closer to retirement, I need our base camp (The cabin) set for when we return to Alaska each summer.

  • Extend the driveway and create a parking pad for a travel trailer.
  • Have the water well installed.
  • Run plumbing inside the cabin and install an on-demand propane water heater.
  • Install a bathroom sink and shower.
  • Install a kitchen (Mostly done except need base cabinets and a sink).
  • Either create some type of grey water system or install a holding tank.  (We currently use an RV portable potty but plan on using a composting toilet to limit the need for pumping in a holding tank or need to have a septic system installed).

cabin kitchen

I have reached out to several companies and will get estimates for each of the projects I will need help with.  Once I have decided on specific companies, I will list them in upcoming posts as well as will be creating a YouTube channel for this site or will edit my existing channel to more line up with my theme of this site.

Lots to get accomplished this summer so keeping my fingers crossed that it can all come together.

cabin living room


Snow Is Melting

So the snow is starting to melt and the dirty piles are slowly disappearing.  As temperatures start to climb into the mid to high 40’s and the day’s become longer the excitement of playing on the ATV grows.

We will get out to the cabin and open it up soon after the long winter.  Always love the initial smell of wood and the fireplace after being closed up all winter.  The fresh air out at the cabin seems like a new experience each Spring.

We will spend many weekends here this year and most certainly reviewing our goals and plans of freeing ourselves from the current chains of our work life. An opportunity to research RV units, needs and budgets. We will also spend many evenings with the grandkids roasting marshmallows over the fire.


Airstream…  This is a brand that originated in the late 1920’s.  Wally Byam introduced the first Airstream Clipper in 1936.  To this day, Airstream in synonymous with luxury and high end.  These units tend to hold their value very well and if taken care of properly can last a lifetime.

I have been researching Airstream travel trailers for the past few months now.  This very well may be the brand we go with based on my research and reading reviews by other Airstream owners.  There are still of course many other decisions to make such as model, length, options, new or used…

I will be adding additional information and research on many brands and models as well as owner feedback that I can find.  Additionally, I welcome your feedback as well.

Which RV?

Lost man

With the endless choices of RVs out there, which one is the best?  Motorhomes, travel trailers, 5th wheels, double axles, single axe, Class A, Class B, Class C…

This is where I begin my journey, researching what unit will be best for me and my wife.

Our choice of course will most likely be different from yours.  Each individual or couple needs to first decide why they want an rv, how they will use it, what needs they have and what goals they hope to accomplish when deciding on one.

My list begins with some of the following:

  1. Will be our full-time residence.
  2. Room for guests.
  3. 4 season use.
  4. Built to last.
  5. Quality finishes.
  6. Lots of storage.
  7. Capable of being off-grid for weeks at a time.
  8. Outdoor shower.
  9. Pet friendly.
  10. Comfortable.

Your list may include things like costs, easy to tow, compact, outdoor kitchen, etc.  The important thing is to start your list, it may change numerous times before you decide on exactly what you need or want.  Once you have the criteria, the search can begin.